Come on spring…

Hello out there…   Today it’s Sunday and the sun is showing its face in the Copenhagen sky, but still the degrees are way to low here in Copenhagen and I almost cannot take the cold anymore… Today it’s -2 in Copenhagen but the real-feel is -13…     Several of you live in southern Europe […]

Must-haves from ZARA: Bowling bag + Quilted bag + 3 Black & White cool looks… check it out

  Look at these fine new goodies – just arrived @   A quilted cool and feminine bag in black.   A stylish bowling bag in black   Black sexy jumpsuit      Simple top in white and hazy shiny black trousers   Straight black blazer, Yoko Ono t-shirt and cool striped trousers in black and white…

Want the same dresses as beautiful Medina? Well, here they are…

The Danish singer Medina always looks very stylish… so of course she did as well year at both EMA and DMA. But what’s really cool about her 2 outfits this year is that they are to be found in highstreets shops. I think it’s great – that celebrities dare to dress in “real-life-budget-dresses” at big and fancy […]

Black Beauty

Love this outfit. Cool, feminine and sophisticated at the same time. Frilled Studio Blouse + Skinny Pleat Front Studio Trouser. Both items are from ZARA. What’s not to like?  

Best Budgets Online

Found some goodies for you. Hold your mouse over the images and check out “the online shopping location” + “price”. You can find the good stuff at: