Moments on Instragram

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I wish you all a wonderful and Merry Christmas… and of course invite you to a Christmas competition

Christmas is here… it’s lovely and cozy and hopefully we all enjoy the time with the people we love so dearly. I celebrate Christmas very quietly at home with my boyfriend as my wonderful daugther at 10 is with her dad this year. Therefore we do it the simple way this year. At the moment I’m […]

Dressed up for Christmas

Are you ready for Christmas? – or are you running around out there panicking with all the other “last-minute-present-shoppers”? Well I can for sure polish my spreading glory above as I did my Christmas shopping weeks ago. So today I just relax at home and actually started looking into my outfit for Christmas eve… I have a […]

Put on something delicious on the inside – and you feel delicious all over!

I got these very fine pieces of lingerie by my lovely boyfriend the other day as a gift – One is by Chantelle and the other one is by Passionata. I never bought a lingerie body suit before, so I never wear one either… BUT I have to admit. ”I LOVE IT!!! LOVE the feeling […]

Mix bohemian with a clean cut

  The look of today… I love my bohemian shirt and mix it with a more clean and straight cuts – then the look ends up being both feminine and cool and the same time… yet not to girly. – and I send my regards to my daughter for taking the pictures 🙂        […]

White Wool

If you look for a cool white dress in wool and leather (top of the dress you’ll see leather panels)… then check out this dress from Tiger of Sweden. I’m in love… you too?   Buy it here     By Anne Schmidt