You are beautiful just the way you are !

  Everybody has their own characteristics – and that’s what makes us beautiful. “Imperfection” makes us beautiful and not “Perfection” as there is no conclusion to what perfection is. So enjoy your personal “imperfection” – it’s your personal charme !   Smiles from Anne who has microscopic small breasts and a beautiful daughter with prominent […]

New in – Purple Gloves… LOVE THEM :-)

  I lost my cognac coloured leather gloves so I had to buy a new pair. I ended up with this pair of Purple Gloves… Cool right?     By Anne Schmidt,  

Cool Fair trade items – now on sale

  I am a huge fan of fair-trade – especially when it does not influent negatively on quality and design. – but when you view the cool items from Aura Que you immediately see that this is the case as both design and quality are really great.   Now Aura Que started their SALE. I picked some […]

Want long hot legs? Then get this pair of slim but light flared jeans from 2ND DAY

  My favorite pair of light flared jeans are from 2ND DAY… and they are for sale right now. LOVE IT! I think I need to buy 1 pair more myself – just as backup as. 🙂 Get them here – Press to go TIP: Buy them in your smallest fitted Jeans size… then I’m sure they will […]

1st day in the New Year – welcome to 2013 !

NO HANGOVER I woke up this morning without a hangover… I’m a bit tired in my body after all the dancing, laughing and lack of sleep, but overall I feel great.  I hope you had an amazing New Year ’s Eve and in case you have a hangover, well get an aspirin plus a nasty […]

CR Fashion book… WOW!

For several months ago I ordered the new magazine CR Fashion book – a magazine by the amazing Carine Roitfeld. And I have waited, waited and waited… but yesterday it finally arrived, so after months of waiting I were very excited to read it. So I made a cup of coffee and found a silent […]