Daydreaming about…

…this beauty of a jumpsuit by WHIITE, warm summer evenings with colorful cocktails, lounge music and hot kisses…   But when I look out the window I only see a grey fog and boring rain… This winter never seems to end… I think I’ll just daydream a little longer before catching reality…. 🙂 Wish you all […]

My recent instagram moments – April

If you are on Instagram – let’s find each other in there 🙂    

Let’s enjoy and enhance our beautiful bodies… and love that we all look different!

Have you ever thought about how you and your best girlfriends look very different when it comes to hair, eyes, noses, lips, hips, breasts and feet etc.? If I was standing together on a liner with my best friends completely naked it would be SO interesting to watch our differences – because there are SO […]

10 hot cool items on my current wishlist… and what’s on yours?

Style is a very personal thing and sometimes I can experience that a specific season just not fit my wishes for my wardrobe-style… BUT the current spring/summer season is outstanding in regards to my style and therefore I find myself dreaming a lot about many of the items available in stores and online right now…   […]

Paris Paris Paris… Lucky me !

Hi everybody Today I’m travelling to Paris – bringing my lovely daughter Mathilde and my friend Anne(who also is my name-sister 🙂 ). The weather isn’t as I hoped for – but still much better than here in Copenhagen. In addition to this I’m sure that the charm of Paris will be overshadowing that the weather […]

COMPETITION… Be the winner of this COOL grey pair of jeans and wonderful tee by Black Swan Fashion

Hello everybody As I wanted to show you all, how easy it is to create different looks only using cool basic clothes added different kind of accessories, I asked the brand Black Swan Fashion if I could borrow some of their clothes… and the answer from Black Swan Fashion was YES… AND in addition to […]