Marvellous Monday

I love to do spontaneous things – for me it spices up the normal everyday life… So Monday around 18.00 my boyfriend and I decided to go out for dinner… because as we all know – Monday is often just a day that passes. In Copenhagen Mondays are always very quiet in the evenings and you therefore […]

I got a new friend… his name is Gustav and I am willing to share him with you

Thursday evening I visited the restaurant and winebar Gustavs Bistro – it’s my first visit. If you visit the website of Gustavs Bistro, you should be aware of that the menu is not updated at all. The reason is that they cook after what nature offers right now as well as the mood dictates – so you first be […]

Pimp up your shirt… it’s easy :-)

Sometimes I like to customize a shirt or a jacket. I do that with buttons. It’s easy and simple often I choose a different colour but in the example below I only changed the top-button of the shirt with a button in lace . Do you like it?      

A favorite Photographer: Tom Munro

Tom Munro is simply just amazing so I just needed to share my admiration with you all. I would love to get on a photoshoot with him – I’m sure he will make me look like a million in a cool and edgy way… If you want more of him, then check out his book . […]

Be a snack on the inside

You’ll feel more delicious when you are delicious on the inside… I really adore all 3 sets… Maybe I should write all of them on my wishlist for Christmas… I think my boyfriend would be pleased if I did so, don’t you?  

Vintage look… love the coolness in Vintage

I love to boots with an edge – love them for my everyday look. And these hand crafted boots made in Italy is just my favorite. The handmade production gives the boot a vintage look. For me it’s really not a nice to have – it’s a need to have 🙂