Mæh … Bræger jeg i dagens outfit, som består af Nyt, Nyt og igen lidt Nyt

Anne Schmidt

Der bræges lidt på bloggen i dag. Det skyldes, at jeg har iført mig min nye jakke fra KAFFE i stilen “fårepels”. Så jeg bræger “Mæh …” med et smil på læben, for jeg synes nemlig, den er herlig. Jeg må hellere med det samme nævne, at der er ingen, der har måtte ladet livet af […]

Chick Charme…

I’m simply just in love with the fashion brand Gat Rimon! Gat Rimon er et ungt fransk fashion label, der havde sin start tilbage i 2004. Navnet betyder ’charme’ – og det synes jeg bestemt også, at man til fulde lever op til! Bag navnet og brandet står de tre designere sammen har de fra start […]

My AW13 favorites by Rutzou

Rutzou always designs beautiful and feminine creations. My favorites from the current and new AW 13 collection is these 4 outfits. Check out the full collection in Rutzou online webshop   /Anne  


These 6 items are on my personal wish list right now! They are addictions, they are musthaves… THEY ARE WANTED!   Go to Cos webstore – to check out these cool Gloves. Available in several colours   Go to Karen by Simonsen webshop to view the item   Actually I already bought this shirt by […]

My Favorite WHIITE items – and scarf creativity

As you may already noticed I’m a fan of the brand WHIITE. And these 2 items that I wear on the pictures is my favorite this summer. The printed trousers has been amazing during the hot summer as they are both suitable for leisure as well as business life. The scarf I normally do not […]

Wish you a nice summer. My summer holidays offer Canoeing, a Lodge vacation and a visit to the trendy New York – What to wear?

Hi everybody 🙂 Time is running and soon we will all enjoy our summer holiday. I’ve been very busy the last couple of month and therefore have not been posting as much as normally. However, I hope to be able to speed up the number of posts again after my summer holiday. What are you doing this […]