15 skønne Maxi Kjoler – Og varmt velkommen til varmen!

Sommeren rammer Danmark denne uge – med en lovning på mere end 25 grader. “Så mens vi venter på at blive lykkeligt ramt af varmen, er det vel helt ok at drømme sig hen i sommerkjole-universet” Og i første omgang må vi hellere kigge lidt nærmere på maxi-kjolerne. Det med en maxi-kjole i starten af […]

Are your feet prepared for all the parties during Christmas and New Year?

Are you feet ready for all the parties during Christmas and New Year? In case not… maybe this feminine pair from & other stories would be what you need. The shoe has character, it’s very feminine and would fit well to both a slim pair of jeans or dresses and skirts.   And yes, the […]

Faux Fur – From Top to Bottom

Do you prefer Faux Fur or Real Fur? For years that has been a topic and I don’t even dare to start a discussion about it – and if you now think that it’s because I also really fancy the real thing here… then you are right. 🙂   However, in regards to this post […]

Couldn’t decide… so ended up buying both of them. It’s simply not always easy being a woman right…? :-)

This year I needed a new Autumn/Winter coat. I had to give up my 2 year old Filippa K wool coat – it simply could not manage a new winter season. I have a cool wool coat from Karen Millen in tweed also which has proved to be highly durable as it still looks almost […]

Ready to spice up your look with a strong STATEMENT?

Statement jewelry is amazing and “must have” accessories if you wear a simple-colour outfit like pure black, white or grey… So let’s spice up our looks a bit. One of the most amazing designers when it comes to statement jewelry is without doubt Maria Calderara.   You can buy some of her jewelry at farfetch.com but […]

Wish you a nice summer. My summer holidays offer Canoeing, a Lodge vacation and a visit to the trendy New York – What to wear?

Hi everybody 🙂 Time is running and soon we will all enjoy our summer holiday. I’ve been very busy the last couple of month and therefore have not been posting as much as normally. However, I hope to be able to speed up the number of posts again after my summer holiday. What are you doing this […]