Leather PLUS silver or 24 carat glided silver… Amazing hand crafted jewelry

I have 2 pair of earrings and a bracelet from the brand snygg and I always love to wear them and people around me always refer to them very positively. So now it’s time to tell you this little secret so you can get your own pieces too. All jewelries from snygg” are designed and produced by […]

Say it with feathers!

I got inspired by feather… Look at these dramatic feather lashes from Tush Magazine. WOW!   Therefore I collected some other cool feather items – all found at www.asos.com   If I had the butt for it I would SO much love to wear these shorts… they are simply amazing!!!! 🙂   This would be […]

Noa Noa… Mix bohemian with more minimalistic items and create a cool and feminine look

Noa Noa is a bohemian and well-known brand. Their items are often really girly and the full Noa Noa look becomes to girly for my personal wardrobe – however they always offer some unique styles that I actually really think are amazing and that fit’s to the more classical wardrobe that I collect. When I […]

Let’s Beat Beckham’s style

Victoria Beckham has been a style icon for many years now and she always wears a sophisticated, cool and feminine outfit. But let’s beat her look but with her as inspiration combine an awesome autumn outfit that is cool, sophisticated and feminine BUT much more affordable…   What to do? Focus on combining raw and […]

AURA QUE: Hand-crafted items, fair trade principles, unique designs… what’s not to like?

AURA QUE is a brand established back in 2008 by Laura Queening who wanted to create a brand that would combine her passion for design and ethical principles. Therefore the brand’s focus is not only on cool design – but also on fair trade production. All products are individually hand-crafted in Nepal using local materials […]

A woman needs her dresses !

A Woman needs her dresses…  and this autumn offers so many wonderful versions… and it is really difficult not just wanting all of them. However, we must be strong… 🙂 Therefore I found some dresses I really think are marvelous and you can dress them up or down depending on what you wish for: 1) Cool together with […]