Sculptural Altewai Saome

The Swedish brand ALTEWAI SAOME again and again shows beautiful sculptural designs in exclusive materials. ALTEWAI SAOME was founded in 2009 and has since its birth been offering an eclectic mix of Scandinavian simplicity and international high fashion. Behind the brand you find the designers Natalia Altewai and Randa Saome who over the years been studying and […]

Cozy Cool – Sweatshirt dress by Selected Femme

Do you like to feel cozy but still look cool? Then I highly recommend you to check out this sweatshirt dress by Selected Femme. I lived in it the last 2 weekends – so my background for the recommendation is quite demonstrated. 🙂   Interested? Then it’s available in the Selected Femme online shop – […]

Sneak peek by “& Other Stories”

I’m SO exited about the forthcoming launch of the new brand “& Other Stories” They now offer us a new sneak peek of the first collection that includes stories of masculine tailoring, industrial aesthetics, femininine chic elements and the poetic bohème. See their full sneak peak – Press here to go   We will be able to buy […]

Put on “Cashmere” when it’s “Freezing Cold”

In Copenhagen it’s really cold these days. We are talking about minus degrees every day all day long…, so you really have to dress warm to be able to cope with the cold. Therefore, I suggest you find your favorite Cashmere sweater or cardigan in your closet and put it on the rest of the winter. […]

A sartorial take on extreme outerwear based on Japanese sensibility

The brand Norwegian Rain has a rather good story just by the fact that the brand comes from the city Bergen in Norway – a city that can brag about being “the rainiest city in Europe”. So yes, they need some good stuff to be able to keep being stylish even on a rainy day. […]

Be Stylish with Stylish Headphones

This weekend I was looking for stylish headphones. And check out what I found… some really really really STYLISH items.   Headphone by Nixon – Press to check out the complete collection     Skullcandy headphones – Press to buy at Skullcandy      The House of Marley – Press to go if you want […]