Project “H&M + Lana Del Rey = nice outcome”

H&M has released the collection that comes from the project between H&M and Lana Del Rey. The theme of the campaign is a modern and feminine woman with a soft attitude. Curves and waist are important in autumn’s silhouette with a focus on knitwear and tweed. The colours include powder tones and accessories in wine […]

BLACK SWAN, a new Danish brand… Check it out and get a pre-invitation to a private shopping evening with the full BLACK SWAN collection… interested? Read more…

This month I stumbled over a new Danish brand – BLACK SWAN FASHION. The brand launched its first collection in early September this year and was founded by Sabine Boye Kass and Janne Eskildsen who after more than 10 years in the fashion industry felt it was time to create their own brand. And don’t […]

Jump into a jumpsuit – get it online!

Some nice jumpsuits  – for different use but all at nice prices.     Se more on !    

Best Budgets Online

Found some goodies for you. Hold your mouse over the images and check out “the online shopping location” + “price”. You can find the good stuff at: