COMPETITION…. Are you ready?

Would you like to get this unique pair of earrings from the cool brand Finnsdottir? Well, it can easily be you who ends up as the winner. All you have to do is to write a comment below this post with your feedback on what you think about Ex. What do you like about […]

Bracelets on sale at ASOS – I selected 6 amazing items

I found these 6 items on sale for you at ASOS – all very good prices! Go to ASOS press here  

Leather PLUS silver or 24 carat glided silver… Amazing hand crafted jewelry

I have 2 pair of earrings and a bracelet from the brand snygg and I always love to wear them and people around me always refer to them very positively. So now it’s time to tell you this little secret so you can get your own pieces too. All jewelries from snygg” are designed and produced by […]

Must Have – Statement Necklace

Statement necklace – amazing and “must have” accessory if you wear a simple-colour outfit like pure black, white or grey… I found some really great pieces for you on the US Urban Outfitters site… At hte US site you find many amazing pieces of both necklaces, rings, bracelets etc… (make sure it is the US site […]

Maria Black – Jewelry for the modern and fashionable woman!

Saturday my eyes catched some amazing nice jewelry in a window in the city of Copenhagen – jewelries created and designed by Maria Black. They are modern, fashionable and elegant… they are just amazing! So hereby I spread the words! Mary Black is a jewelry designer with highest honors and when she got a handshake by HRH Queen Margrethe […]