A woman needs her dresses !

A Woman needs her dresses…  and this autumn offers so many wonderful versions… and it is really difficult not just wanting all of them. However, we must be strong… 🙂 Therefore I found some dresses I really think are marvelous and you can dress them up or down depending on what you wish for: 1) Cool together with […]

The Land of ELLERY… WOW !

I have never heard about this brand before… but it is for sure eye-catching! Both the designs as well as pictures are SO interesting and SO beautiful that you cannot take your eyes off… you simply want to view all the details. Behind the brand you find Kym Ellery who originally comes from Perth, Western […]

Autumn outfit…

I selected some items for you – which resulted in a really cool outfit for the Autumn period.  Click on the picture below to get a closer look.

Best Budgets Online

Found some goodies for you. Hold your mouse over the images and check out “the online shopping location” + “price”. You can find the good stuff at: www.asos.com www.styledelux.com www.cosstores.com www.zara.com