David Andersen: Coolness and Passion… What’s not to adore?

Do you know about the Danish Designer “David Andersen”? If not, I can highly recommend you to check out his designs. So… what’s so amazing about his designs? My answer is “the permanent edge, the persistent style, the impressive courage and the powerful touch of coolness.” It is awesome what he creates! David Andersen has a passion for architecture, […]

Finnsdottir Ceramic Tales

Icelandic Thora Finnsdottir and Danish Anne Hoff is the creative brains behind the Danish design brand Finnsdottir. Finnsdottir is a unique result of Thora Finnsdottir’s craftsmanship in ceramic design and Anne Hoff’s artistic and graphical sharp gaze. Together, Thora and Anne created the idea, shape, and thus the beautiful designs that both characterize Finnsdottir’s interior […]