A fusion of fashion, craftsmanship and powerful female forces

When it comes to the designer HEIDI PAULA LANGVAD and her beautiful creations I’m torn between “having too many words to say” and “I do not have words enough to express my mind”… The reason is simple: What Heidi designs and creates are always outstanding pieces – pieces that I for some reason always find […]

Kermit Tesoro – When Shoes Become Art

WOW!!!… and nothing more to say.

The Land of ELLERY… WOW !

I have never heard about this brand before… but it is for sure eye-catching! Both the designs as well as pictures are SO interesting and SO beautiful that you cannot take your eyes off… you simply want to view all the details. Behind the brand you find Kym Ellery who originally comes from Perth, Western […]

David Andersen: Coolness and Passion… What’s not to adore?

Do you know about the Danish Designer “David Andersen”? If not, I can highly recommend you to check out his designs. So… what’s so amazing about his designs? My answer is “the permanent edge, the persistent style, the impressive courage and the powerful touch of coolness.” It is awesome what he creates! David Andersen has a passion for architecture, […]