These 6 items are on my personal wish list right now! They are addictions, they are musthaves… THEY ARE WANTED!   Go to Cos webstore – to check out these cool Gloves. Available in several colours   Go to Karen by Simonsen webshop to view the item   Actually I already bought this shirt by […]

Feel warm?

It’s very hot right not – the temperature is high and we dress up in lightweight clothes and sandals everyday ! Never the less – it’s time for the autumn collections to hit stores.   This Autumn seems to offer a lot of cool coats and jackets. As you may have noticed from a previous […]

A fusion of fashion, craftsmanship and powerful female forces

When it comes to the designer HEIDI PAULA LANGVAD and her beautiful creations I’m torn between “having too many words to say” and “I do not have words enough to express my mind”… The reason is simple: What Heidi designs and creates are always outstanding pieces – pieces that I for some reason always find […]

A New Favorite: The Aroma Therapy Body Lotion – by Tromborg

Normally I never use body lotions – as I do not feel they provide my skin with the needed moisture. Therefore I often choose a body oil.  However I’ve been using a body lotion that I really must recommend you to try too. It’s the Aroma Therapy Body Lotion by the brand Tromborg. Why is […]

Trend Alert… Dress and Sneakers

It’s seem to be the new trend – and I’m already there too. Wearing a dress or skirt with a cool pair of sneakers… I found an image of Rihanna mixing the styles but actually you’ve probably already seen that the trend it’s all over and everywhere. I thinks it’s cool to mix the styles “Classic and Feminine” with “Street” […]

Can a ’sweatshirt’ be hot and sexy? Yes ma’am it can!

This sweatshirt oozes SO much of sex that I simply MUST own it … I hope I’ll feel sexy in it too…   It’s by the brand Moss Copenhagen and the picture is from their current campaign and the collection is full of cool basic items at really affordable prices.   Moss Copenhagen have 6 shops located around in Denmark […]