My Beauty Favorites – This spring

Well, time is running so I thought it was about time to show you my beauty favorites at the moment… Let’s start the “beauty-ride” 🙂   “My favorite Facial Cleaning products” I’ve been a fan and I’m still a fan of Kanebo Sensai products. Almost all my facial skincare products are by Kanebo Sensai… without […]

Do you know how to wash your makeup brushes?

  In case you don’t here are my advices.   Brushes used for powdery Eye shadow, powder etc. brushes:  Wash your brushes gentle in a mild shampoo.   Brushes used for liquid foundation, liquid eye shadow, lipsticks etc.: Wash your brushes gentle in a very purifying shampoo – most shampoo brands have developed an extra […]

Welcome November – Welcome Winther… Let your skin beat the cold!

Welcome November – Welcome Winther ! And we all know that with winther the cold comes creeping… and this means that we again have to deal with flaky and dry skin. Over the years I tried many different products and here you find my best recommendations. 1) First of all… REMEMBER TO EXFOLIATE. It is important to exfoliate […]