I’ve got a new best fragrance-friend – Welcome to the new See by Chloé fragrance

As I’ve mentioned earlier I find it difficult to find perfumes that matches my own body scent. The reason is that I have a rather sweet scent myself so if the perfume is too sweet in its fragrance it very quick adapts into a queasy smell on my skin. But like any other woman I want a feminine […]

Welcome to the Grand opening… Welcome to H&M Luxury

…. to the launch of the new brand & Other Stories – the luxury brand by H&M… And yes, you are right – the real launch is tomorrow, BUT today I actually got an invitation to pre-shopping in the new online shop. This new more exclusive brand offers you a wide range of shoes, bags, accessories, […]


Personally I’m not into too sweet or citrus-heavy perfumes as they never seem to fit my personal body scent. And for some reason 90% of the perfumes available today either are too sweet, too heavy or smells too much of a citrus tree… So yes, I have had many bad experiences buying perfumes over the […]

Chanel beauty SS13 collection…

is nothing less than stunning… I picked my favorite pieces. The items are already available in the US… I’m looking forward to see items in Europe as well.                     To view the full SS13 collection – Press here to go    

Brilliant Brows & Bambi Eyes

I’m 100% addicted to my brow and lash gear by Benefit Cosmetics… Why? The items are easy to use, of high quality and just provide me with the result I want… Already in a previous post I recommended the Mascara “They’are Real”…  I’m still addicted and know several of you ended up as “They’re real-addicts” too. I hope […]

Do you know how to wash your makeup brushes?

  In case you don’t here are my advices.   Brushes used for powdery Eye shadow, powder etc. brushes:  Wash your brushes gentle in a mild shampoo.   Brushes used for liquid foundation, liquid eye shadow, lipsticks etc.: Wash your brushes gentle in a very purifying shampoo – most shampoo brands have developed an extra […]