Delicate Decadent

  I just love Decadent…  Think the simplicity and coolness just make the Decadent bags a ‘Need-to-have’. But I find it really really difficult to choose… as I cannot have them all of course.       In general their bags are amazing – so I gathered a litle gallery for you. But you have to visit […]

Cool Fair trade items – now on sale

  I am a huge fan of fair-trade – especially when it does not influent negatively on quality and design. – but when you view the cool items from Aura Que you immediately see that this is the case as both design and quality are really great.   Now Aura Que started their SALE. I picked some […]

Must-haves from ZARA: Bowling bag + Quilted bag + 3 Black & White cool looks… check it out

  Look at these fine new goodies – just arrived @   A quilted cool and feminine bag in black.   A stylish bowling bag in black   Black sexy jumpsuit      Simple top in white and hazy shiny black trousers   Straight black blazer, Yoko Ono t-shirt and cool striped trousers in black and white…

Let’s Beat Beckham’s style

Victoria Beckham has been a style icon for many years now and she always wears a sophisticated, cool and feminine outfit. But let’s beat her look but with her as inspiration combine an awesome autumn outfit that is cool, sophisticated and feminine BUT much more affordable…   What to do? Focus on combining raw and […]

AURA QUE: Hand-crafted items, fair trade principles, unique designs… what’s not to like?

AURA QUE is a brand established back in 2008 by Laura Queening who wanted to create a brand that would combine her passion for design and ethical principles. Therefore the brand’s focus is not only on cool design – but also on fair trade production. All products are individually hand-crafted in Nepal using local materials […]

Vintage bag

A few years ago I bought  this classic vintage wonder of a bag. We are talking about an issues from the 60s, Jane Shilton in skins of lizards. It is fantastic and I got it for a really good price (750DKK). So if you, like me, do not have a cool grandmother or mother with a closet and […]