Sommer-musthave: Oversized Taske

Foråret ser ud til for alvor at være kommet til landet for solen skinner højt på himlen her i København i dag – og vil vist også gøre det hele ugen. Det er jo bare fantastisk! Jeg håber meget, at du får tid til at nyde solen i dine små pauser i løbet af arbejdsdagen […]

Faux Fur – From Top to Bottom

Do you prefer Faux Fur or Real Fur? For years that has been a topic and I don’t even dare to start a discussion about it – and if you now think that it’s because I also really fancy the real thing here… then you are right. 🙂   However, in regards to this post […]

Make sure you are visible – wear something unique

I prefer a cool classic look but prefer to spice it up with 1 or 2 unique items… Therefore I’ve picked out a small selection that can add on that extra edge, you need …   You can easily spice up your current wardrobe with some of these items and make sure your look is […]

Spring time leather

Leather is such a cool material as it’s raw, sophisticated and lux at the same time. If you want to be sophisticated stylish in leather during spring and summer I recommend you to choose to mix the darker coloured leather pieces with light colours or you can also simply just choose light leather items.   I’ve picked some nice leather items that I think fit perfectly in a sophisticated […]

10 hot cool items on my current wishlist… and what’s on yours?

Style is a very personal thing and sometimes I can experience that a specific season just not fit my wishes for my wardrobe-style… BUT the current spring/summer season is outstanding in regards to my style and therefore I find myself dreaming a lot about many of the items available in stores and online right now…   […]

Welcome to the Grand opening… Welcome to H&M Luxury

…. to the launch of the new brand & Other Stories – the luxury brand by H&M… And yes, you are right – the real launch is tomorrow, BUT today I actually got an invitation to pre-shopping in the new online shop. This new more exclusive brand offers you a wide range of shoes, bags, accessories, […]