Want long hot legs? Then get this pair of slim but light flared jeans from 2ND DAY

  My favorite pair of light flared jeans are from 2ND DAY… and they are for sale right now. LOVE IT! I think I need to buy 1 pair more myself – just as backup as. 🙂 Get them here – Press to go TIP: Buy them in your smallest fitted Jeans size… then I’m sure they will […]

Don’t be sad that Christmas is over… SALE STARTED !

When I woke up this morning it hit me that Christmas is over…  or almost over. So I took a picture of myself looking really really really disappointed… he he he…       But then it hit me… YES, SALE starts! Therefore I have collected different items that are on sale ALREADY and from […]

2ND DAY did it before, is doing it today and will do it again with their SS13 collection… 2ND DAY simply rules and rocks the World!…

 2ND DAY, the sister brand to DAY BIRGER ET MIKKELSEN, offers as always a cool look.   If you look closely at both past collections as well as the forthcoming collection you notice that at 2ND DAY is where sexy, edgy and coolness rules.  The collections are always built around a jeans and denim lifestyle, […]

Cut & Cool – Sliced & Sleek

Check out this amazing piece of a top… it’s a must-have right? Get it here: 2nd Day

2nd Day Star Shine… My new favorite pair of jeans…

Yesterday I bought a new pair of jeans – and already I feel that they will become my new favorite pair. The colour is dark grey, the fit is skinny and all over the material you’ll see small pieces of glitter. They fit perfectly and especially the fit in the top is SO nice as the waitfit is just […]

A woman needs her dresses !

A Woman needs her dresses…  and this autumn offers so many wonderful versions… and it is really difficult not just wanting all of them. However, we must be strong… 🙂 Therefore I found some dresses I really think are marvelous and you can dress them up or down depending on what you wish for: 1) Cool together with […]