Leather PLUS silver or 24 carat glided silver… Amazing hand crafted jewelry

I have 2 pair of earrings and a bracelet from the brand snygg and I always love to wear them and people around me always refer to them very positively. So now it’s time to tell you this little secret so you can get your own pieces too. All jewelries from snygg” are designed and produced by […]

Snaky Wedge

Just stumbled upon this nice snaky wedge… and wanted to share it with you.  It is the brand Sofie Schnoor and can be bought at Brandos / Brandosa.  It’s cool right? I can definitely see it well together with a slim fit jeans or a short skirt and cool tights. 

Say hello to Brad Pitt

What a nice surprice I got today as I visited the Chanel.com webpage… a surprise in the shape of Brad Pitt. Click and view the hot and delicious man “in action”… and wow… don’t you just LOVE his voice… yummy 🙂        

PENDULUM… Cool and unique jewelry at good prices

If you like to wear simple, cool and unique jewelry I can recommend you to check out the brand Pendulum. The brand’s collection of jewelry is created directly in their own showroom in Tordenskjoldsgade 12, Copenhagen, Denmark… You can shop the jewelry directly if you visit the showroom BUT you can also order the jewelry in the webshop and they ship without problems […]

Granny Rocks!

Put on a flowery gauzy granny scarf to bring on some colour to a simple outfit – It will lighten up your face and bring a feminine touch to your expression. Unfortunately, I do not have a granny anymore to borrow from, so I recommend you to shop in vintage shops or keep an eye when you go […]

What’s your favorite nail colour at the moment?

These 3 are my favorites…   Black pearl from Chanel   Frosted Beige from Essie                               Mint Candy from Essie