“Midnight blue sky” stilettos

Can’t help it… I’m in love with my new navy stilettos in suede from Rizzo

Malmö is gone Knitting…

Saturday I visited Malmö – catched a Train in Copenhagen and 30 min. later I was in Sweden… that’s really lovely. On the day Malmö, celbrated festival in the city. They call it “Malmöfestivalen” and I can ensure you that Mr. and Mrs. Malmö had come to the city center – Malmö was turned into a version of Roskilde Festival a […]

What? Warm Wackerhaus

This cardigan can be a late summer hit for evenings and not least a snuggly, delicious and wonderful cardigan for “the many dark and cold months” that are waiting ahead of us.    I love the rough texture and am sure it will fit a blouse or shirt in light textrue and a pair of skinny jeans. So now we can be welcoming […]

Exclusive art prints and photographs at affordable prices!

Our beloved small or large “cave” (=our home) is an important base for all of us. So why not create a frame of furniture, design and art, that do something good for you? The famous Monet poster probably continually haunts living rooms around the world  – but “you”, “I” and “we” fortunately belong to the generation who grieve […]

In need of new jeans?

Then I highly recommend you to check out the full collection of Pepe Jeans.    

Look: “Going out on a summer evening”

I LOOOVE my white jeans and has no less than 3-4 pairs … and yes, I LOOOVE them all. You can call me addictive – because I am! We’re in an occupation, I must honestly admit, and it is actually so bad that when I sometimes have to say goodbye to one of my white lovers, it is always with a […]