Look: “Ready for business in white”

This is Joanna – SO well dressed for an indian summerday at the office, don’t you agree? Sophisticated and feminine – but still ready for business! There is everything to like!    

Maria Black – Jewelry for the modern and fashionable woman!

Saturday my eyes catched some amazing nice jewelry in a window in the city of Copenhagen – jewelries created and designed by Maria Black. They are modern, fashionable and elegant… they are just amazing! So hereby I spread the words! Mary Black is a jewelry designer with highest honors and when she got a handshake by HRH Queen Margrethe […]

Vintage bag

A few years ago I bought  this classic vintage wonder of a bag. We are talking about an issues from the 60s, Jane Shilton in skins of lizards. It is fantastic and I got it for a really good price (750DKK). So if you, like me, do not have a cool grandmother or mother with a closet and […]

Silk to the skin – quite literally!

Lovely and beautiful skin is something we all seek! Wrinkles come with age … whether we like to realize it or not. Therefore we might as well accept the wrinkles but instead aim for a radiant, healthy and uniform skin. Maybe you are like me – often has changed skincare brand in an attempt to identify exactly that specific brand that […]

Best Budgets Online

Found some goodies for you. Hold your mouse over the images and check out “the online shopping location” + “price”. You can find the good stuff at: www.asos.com www.styledelux.com www.cosstores.com www.zara.com  

Look: “Going out on a Saturday evening”

  By Anne Schmidt www.whatwhenwhere.dk