Hot Goodies for your feet!

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The 2nd family – my Jellycat family

I have a 2nd family – my Jellycat family. I began my personal collection a year ago and my first catch was the large blue Elephant which I named “Aunt Ella”. She is still my favorite – as she is the best and soft pillow you can imagine for a nice nap on the couch.   Later on I […]

Finnsdottir Ceramic Tales

Icelandic Thora Finnsdottir and Danish Anne Hoff is the creative brains behind the Danish design brand Finnsdottir. Finnsdottir is a unique result of Thora Finnsdottir’s craftsmanship in ceramic design and Anne Hoff’s artistic and graphical sharp gaze. Together, Thora and Anne created the idea, shape, and thus the beautiful designs that both characterize Finnsdottir’s interior […]

Pink lipstick = my favorite make-up piece… what’s yours?

I have a special relation to all my pink lipsticks… not red, not purple or else… no… I mean REAL pink.  It’s an addiction and I have to admit that I have had this addiction for several years and mycollection therefor also grows continually.  

Must Have – Statement Necklace

Statement necklace – amazing and “must have” accessory if you wear a simple-colour outfit like pure black, white or grey… I found some really great pieces for you on the US Urban Outfitters site… At hte US site you find many amazing pieces of both necklaces, rings, bracelets etc… (make sure it is the US site […]

Jump into a jumpsuit – get it online!

Some nice jumpsuits  – for different use but all at nice prices.     Se more on !