“If you choose vintage, you choose a strong look”

The vintage can be romantic, cool and actually often a little odd – no matter what “if you choose vintage, you choose a strong look” – so you have to be careful – it might end up being too odd.

The key is to always remember to use your vintage clothes and items with solid focus on simplicity – in that way you ensure a strong style and a sophisticated look.

Therefore I would like to show you this look created by beautiful Christina. First of all her figure is “to die for” so yes – even if she wears a tent, she might look great… BUT her look is very well made.

And if you followed me over time, you will know that I have a thing for the colour white – so I really really REALLY like this look.

Christina often mixes vintage and high-street findings and the combination works perfectly. Don’t you agree?

So, what does this specific look contain:

1)     Angora cardigan from Topshop in the colour “cream white”

2)     Top: H&M. Loose fit and in the colour “vintage rose”

3)     Vintage Skirt: Cream white with a high waist and pockets.

4)     Necklace: Silver Bird skull necklace impulsively bought at a fashion outlet


Christina in vintage look

The different pieces



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