Don’t be sad that Christmas is over… SALE STARTED !

When I woke up this morning it hit me that Christmas is over…  or almost over. So I took a picture of myself looking really really really disappointed… he he he…



Don’t be sad



But then it hit me… YES, SALE starts!

Therefore I have collected different items that are on sale ALREADY and from them created 2 looks you might get inspired by.

Below each look, you’ll find direct links to each item. AND please remember that you can easily change language on the website, when you entered it.




Sale outfit 1

Sale outfit 1


1: Dress by Gestuz – Press to go

2: Jeans by Only – Press to go

3: Cardigan by 2ND DAY – Press to go

4: Fur Bag by H&MPress to go

5: Necklace by Designers Remix – Press to go



Sale outfit 2

Sale outfit 2


1: Jeans by 2ND DAY – Press to go

2: Jacket by Black Swan Fashion – Press to go

3: Dress by Designers Remix – Press to go

4: Boots by Gestuz  – Press to go




ENJOY shopping on SALE.


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