Wish you a nice summer. My summer holidays offer Canoeing, a Lodge vacation and a visit to the trendy New York – What to wear?

Hi everybody 🙂 Time is running and soon we will all enjoy our summer holiday. I’ve been very busy the last couple of month and therefore have not been posting as much as normally. However, I hope to be able to speed up the number of posts again after my summer holiday. What are you doing this […]

Istanbul = the city of contrasts, and that’s what stole my heart

 “Either you love Istanbul or you simply hate Istanbul”   – That’s my overall conclusion.   “Personally I love it.”     It was my first visit to the city Istanbul but definitely not my last. I only stayed there for 3 nights / 4 days but still it was an amazing adventure – an […]

Istanbul – looking forward to my visit to the magical meeting place of East and West

Next Friday I will be travelling to Istanbul – and I’m really looking forward to it.   Where will I be staying? I’ll be staying at Rooms Galata where I booked an apartment for me and my boyfriend.     Where will I be eating? I made table reservations on 2 restaurants where it’s necessary to do so […]

Paris recommendations

I’m home again… After a short trip to Paris. Paris is beautiful and I enjoyed my 2½ days there, but next time I would love to go there a bit later during the spring – the weather simply was to cold and I missed some green leaves on the trees.   As it was my […]

Paris Paris Paris… Lucky me !

Hi everybody Today I’m travelling to Paris – bringing my lovely daughter Mathilde and my friend Anne(who also is my name-sister 🙂 ). The weather isn’t as I hoped for – but still much better than here in Copenhagen. In addition to this I’m sure that the charm of Paris will be overshadowing that the weather […]

I’m preparing for my trip to Paris… Do you have any great Paris-tips?

In about 11 days I’m heading off to Paris – Jubiiii !!!! Actually it’ll be my first visit to Paris, so I’m really excited about it all these days… counting down the days like I was a 6 year old girl counting down the days to Christmas. So to kill the many hours and to […]