Jump into a jumpsuit – get it online!

Some nice jumpsuits  – for different use but all at nice prices.     Se more on www.asos.com !    

Best Budgets Online

Found some goodies for you. Hold your mouse over the images and check out “the online shopping location” + “price”. You can find the good stuff at: www.asos.com www.styledelux.com www.cosstores.com www.zara.com  

By Malene Birger… Take a look at the AW12 show

I am a HUGE fan of By Malene Birger. Her designs is always classic, feminine but always with a cool touch. Check out the video from the AW12 show and see if you fall in love with one of the fine shirts and blouses, skirts or dresses … I already did myself. In her collections you will find amazing designs, […]

Must have: Wool Coat

Now it may well be that we complain a little over this summer sudden heat wave in Copenhagen … but about 1 ½ months ahead we will complain about how damn cold it is … so yes, it’s just about making your wardrobe ready with warm pieces.

What? Warm Wackerhaus

This cardigan can be a late summer hit for evenings and not least a snuggly, delicious and wonderful cardigan for “the many dark and cold months” that are waiting ahead of us.    I love the rough texture and am sure it will fit a blouse or shirt in light textrue and a pair of skinny jeans. So now we can be welcoming […]

In need of new jeans?

Then I highly recommend you to check out the full collection of Pepe Jeans.